Can They Find YOU In Your Blog?

Can They Find You In Your Blog?Personality is important for business growth especially when it comes to your blog. For most small businesses your personality is your brand and it’s an incredible asset. Additionally, for internet marketing success, building a community is essential. Building a community around a personality and a brand is much easier than drawing traffic and attention to a blog without any identifiable personality or brand.

So, can they find YOU in your blog?

Here are 9 ways to add YOUR personality to your blog

1. Music

Music can be added to WordPress pages and blog posts by using the media insert key in the admin panel. You can upload .wav files, MP3 files, and midi files. Music can be an excellent way to add personality to your blog posts. Imagine someone hearing AC/DC or polka music when they visit – it’s a sure way to set a unique tone.

2. Video

Video has been around for a while and it’s certainly growing as a medium. Welcome messages can be added to a blog’s sidebar or static pages. And of course, you can add video messages into your posts. Video lets your audience both see and hear you and that is about as personal as it gets.

3. Pictures

Studies have shown that people tend to prefer blogs and websites where they can see the person who runs the show. We like to know what people look like. In addition to adding a photo of yourself to your blog, you can use sites like Flickr and upload photos into individual posts to add personality.

4. Stories

Sharing stories in your blog posts and on your static pages is a sure fire way to communicate your personality to visitors.

5. Social Networking

In addition to social networking badges, there are WordPress plug-ins that enable visitors to see recent social networking conversations. It lets them virtually eavesdrop on your interactions and see your personality. Hopefully, it also motivates them to join in on the conversation.

6. Links To Things You Love

Linking to sites you love helps communicate your personality. Link to your favorite coffee shop, your favorite music video, or your favorite book and share your personality with blog visitors.

7. Custom Header/Graphics 

While there are an abundance of blog templates, customizing yours with a header and graphics that represent your personality will help make your blog unique and stand out from the others.

8. Gravatar

Use gravatars to add personality to your blog. Gravatar is the abbreviation of the phrase “Globally Recognized Avatar.” It’s the small head shot of the author or commentor. Again, it’s another way to show people what you look like. It also helps brand your business. If you use the same Gravatar for your various social networking profiles, you will be instantly recognized. It will become part of your brand personality and image.

9. Favicon

You can add a favicon to your blog’s URL to help add personality and identify your business brand. There are free favicon generators online and an abundance of tutorials on how to add these little images to your browser bar.

All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of consistency to adding YOU to your blog. Be yourself and be confident to share who you are with your audience. You won’t win over everyone. However, the people who do follow you will do so because they like what you have to say and they like you.

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    • Thanks. Here’s another thought. Revealing your personality within your blog can be compared to a company’s voice being shown across the different social media platforms.

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