Social Media Tips For The Road #1

One of the great things we love about being entrepreneurs is being able to take our office on the road. But travelling does take some planning; how to get there and where to stay. Your social media marketing needs planning as well. Our first social media tip concerns scheduling posts ahead of time.


Serenity at Point Mugu NAS, CA

Just a little background about our travels on the road. Last year we purchased a 1985 Minnie Winnie that we nicknamed Serenity. For those of you who are familiar with Joss Whedon’s short-lived sci-fi series Firefly, will recognize that name immediately. That name embodies exactly how we feel about our RV. It’s old but there is still life in the old girl. This photo was snapped at Point Mugu NAS, California where we were camped about 50 yards from the Pacific Ocean for five days. 

Now to get back to the topic at hand. As entrepreneurs, we are blessed with the ability to take our laptops and work in the local coffee shop. For us, location doesn’t matter as long a there’s a strong WiFi connection.

During a recent road trip we had some difficulties obtaining reliable WiFi access. Fortunately, because we did some planning, our social media postings went on without fail.

Social Media Tip #1

Calendar TabOur first social media tip is to schedule some of your posts ahead of time. Providing timely and relative content to your audience is key to marketing your business.

There are many programs available but one of our favorites is HootSuite. It is a great tool for managing social media content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. HootSuite provides scheduling and monitoring of not only your posts but also talk about your business, your competitors, and your industry.

If you have a question about HootSuite or scheduling your social media content, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. Or better yet, click the button to your right and schedule an appointment to talk about how we can help with your social media needs.

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Dixie Lee is Owner of Aspen Social Media, LLC. She is a multi-passionate woman who loves the adventure called life, the journey of learning, and the discovery of connecting with people every day. At ASM, her focus is helping heart-centered entrepreneurs develop unique social media plans to nurture and grow strong business roots. Among her services are coaching, training, and full-service social media management. She can be reached at


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